April 9, 2013

This weekend was absolutely fantastic! Kalamazoo has always been great to us, and it was so so nice being able to hook up with The Reptilian again, as well as meeting our new friends in Natural Disasters.

Skeletal Lightning Fest was a freaking anomaly.  A first year fest that, not only went off without a hook (It only ran an hour late… and with something like 30 bands on the bill, that beats all “punk time” spreads by, like, 14 hours)… but ALL the bands were amazing.  Sean and everyone involved should win a medal for how well organized that fest was AND it should be a model example for fests in the future.  Coma Regalia, Aseethe, Canyons, Natty D, Altar of Complaints, The Reptilian, Brighter Arrows, Alta, Kittyhawk, Northless, Protestant, Lord Snow… god damn, there are so many good bands I can’t even list them all.  

And to top it off in Indy at the Hoosier Dome with our friends in WOUNDED KNEE? Icing on the cake. It’s always a lot of fun coming to Indianapolis, and this was no exception.

It’s weekends like these that really make this all worthwhile… and i’m lucky to be apart of it.

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